This email was sent today March, 9, 2020: Attn: Thania F. Fernandez NY STATE Education Dept Office of the Professions State Board of Podiatry 89 Washington Avenue Albany, New York, 12234-1000 March 9th, 2020
Dear State Board of Podiatry,
I write to you requesting a change in the current outdated podiatry continuing education credits ("CME's") law. The law currently stipulates that every Podiatrist licensed in New York must obtain 50 credits in a three-year cycle. The law states that 50% of the 50 credits may be obtained as "home study".
29 states currently allow Podiatrists to obtain all their credits online. There is no logic forcing Podiatrists to obtain their CME credits in person. Everyone has access to the Internet, through an array of products such as their phone, computer, laptop, or tablet.
There are many advantages to online CME. Doctors do not have to lose any work time and can do their coursework at their own leisure. Doctors do not have to pay for added travel expenses. Disabled doctors do not have to be burdened with the hardship of travel. Pregnant doctors similarly can learn in the comfort of their home. Doctors can learn from colleagues all over the world. Doctors can save on the undue burden of costly courses as most online CME's are cheaper than in person venues. Most importantly, we MUST be vigilant with the pandemic Covid-19 virus. This is a time where people in leadership positions must make important decisions that can possibly affect and save lives or worse be responsible for people to take ill and spread disease.
There are few if any advantages of mandatory in person CME's. Medical doctors (MD's) do not even have to perform any CME's to maintain a New York license. I have no issue with the current law mandating podiatrists obtain 50 credits in a 3-year period. It is a good way to keep podiatrists current. However, the law should allow podiatrists to obtain the credits in whichever fashion they desire.
Tam formally requesting the State Board of Podiatry approves podiatrists be allowed to obtain the 50 mandated CME credits at their discretion whether online or in person.
Many of the New York area hospitals have sent out letters to their doctors banning their employees from attending NY meetings or conferences and from all domestic and international work-related travel. Some of the Podiatry boards have also been proactive enforcing the same bans.
Many businesses are informing their employees to work from home and to conduct their work on their computers or through Zoom video conferencing. There is absolutely no logical reason to not bring New York current with regards to podiatric CME and allow podiatrists to obtain their 50 credits in the 3-year cycle online. This is needed now more than ever.
Thank you for your consideration in this manner.